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As Berta shares her stories of growth, healing, and transformation, you will see firsthand that change

is possible and so is choosing a life of peace. Berta’s warmth, passion, and heart for sharing her life’s

work with others is evident, as is her natural ability to teach and inspire others to do the same.”

~ Alana Machida

Berta is hands down the most knowledgeable, yet most humble yoga instructor I have ever met and have had the pleasure to learn from. Her mind, body, and word are so elegantly combined. She is both wise and unpretentious, witty yet humorous. She gracefully combines the spiritual and practical, the palpable and metaphysical. The fact that she consistently considers herself a student is so admirable and one of the many traits that I hope to learn from her. 

~ Jeff Bousquet 

Berta has been my teacher since March 2018, and 3 years later I consider myself so blessed to have met her on my path. She’s enriched my soul journey at so many levels with all the authentic soulful metaphysical and spiritual lessons she’s shared as my reiki master, meditation teacher, and yoga teacher. Berta opens up to you as a student to encourage you to open yourself up to your own journey into your true self and life path. She heals you while guiding you how to heal yourself. Once you step into Berta’s teachings, you step into your inner true self, you are evolving, healing, aligning with your true life mission. You are on a safe, authentic journey with Berta as your teacher. 

~ Nicoleta Chircu

“I can watch Berta's workshops again and again; there is always a new aspect to deepen my reflection

and understanding. Berta gracefully combines ancient lessons and brings them to life through her decades of experience, touches of humor, and compelling stories of faith and fear. Her workshops and teaching have changed my life and brought more joy, peace, and foundation than I ever hoped to be possible.”

~ Emily

“I can’t say enough about all the workshops Berta provides because they all touch & expand on

different parts of your life and leave you with a deeper sense of self, confidence, and introspection.”


Since finding Berta, my life has changed in profound and meaningful ways. She is a true healer in every sense of the word. Berta has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to yoga, meditation, energy work, nutrition, and overall wellness. By embodying what she teaches, she inspires everyone around her. It has been an absolute privilege to learn and heal with Berta. I am forever grateful that she came into my life! 

~ Kate Wessman

“My gratitude and enthusiasm for Berta Prevosti knows no bounds. I would not be who or where I am today without her intuitive guidance and generosity. I began my work with her a little over five years ago. In that time, I have experienced so much growth with her as my Reiki practitioner, my teacher, and as someone whose intuition can sense, articulate, and action factions of my energy I did not even know were sitting beneath the surface. As a Reiki practitioner, there is no one like her. I have and continue to recommend her to family and friends alike for physical and emotional healing & support. She approaches sessions without judgment and through her practice is able to access a deep understanding of each person’s physical and ethereal bodies as they communicate with each other and with the world around them. Her spiritual guidance has aided me in reaching a more complex understanding of myself, and a deep appreciation for who I am, my resiliency, and even my shortcomings as I continue on this journey called life. As a teacher, she has the utmost compassionate understanding of the world and our unique experiences, which she takes into account deeply when structuring her classes and school. I appreciate her presence and wisdom beyond anything I could fully articulate here; and, with her guidance, I look forward to all the growth left to come in this life and many lifetimes ahead.” 

~ Shannan Hearn

I had everything in life that I wished for when I met Berta. I wasn’t looking for help or change. I didn’t think that I needed any advice or teachings, but in the Reiki I class everything changed. My life changed to something that I could never describe with words, as I can’t describe Berta with words either. She has been connected to the Divine in a special way. When I am with her I feel closer to God. 

~  Adrienn Kovacs 

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