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50hr Meditation Teacher Training Intensive




 February 13th to 17th, 2023

Monday through Friday 6:30am to 7pm

Weekends off

Breakfast and Lunch by Chef Ashley included!


Yoga Alliance Certified through

The Raja Center

valid for 50 YA CEU's

Daily Schedule:

6:30am: Mantra & Pranayama

8:00am: Yoga

9:30-10:30am: Breakfast

10:30-1:30pm: Metaphysical Studies

1:30-3:00pm: Lunch

3:00-7:00pm: Meditation


Meditation is the single most important practice you will endeavor to learn. 

This 50hr meditation training is open to all seeking a deeper understanding of meditation to further your practice or to begin to teach others from a foundational and knowing place. 


All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced, but please understand this is an intensive program that will challenge you as well as change your life as you know it. 


You will learn over 50 different meditations and types of meditations. You will attain the history and understanding of all the great masters that came before you. You will be able to systematically take all of your students from the most simple and basic meditation to levels of transcendence that you and your students would only have dreamt of.


Sometimes, we talk about Advanced Techniques or training, but that can be a confusing term. Below are some commonly asked questions, and their answers, about our 50 hour meditation intensive training.





Q: What you will learn?

A: Simple techniques that accelerate growth. During your training, we experience a fourth state of consciousness, a state of restful alertness, which dissolves stress, enhances brain functioning, and balances the body and emotions. This training will speed up the integration of this state and bring faster results from your regular practice.

In fact, you may be able to accelerate growth to higher states of consciousness because of the amount of time we will explore this state of being. 


Q: How many forms of meditation will I be learning?

A: This might seem a little arrogant but you Will be learning all types of meditation! There is truly only one kind of meditation and many tools to reach this one state, we have in the past given these practices specific names but ultimately all are practices to attain the one and only true state of meditation which is Samadhi, is the ultimate goal and here you will learn how to attain it. . You will learn from the most basic level of guided meditations to the mantra based state learned in transcendental meditation to many others!


Q: Do I learn them all at once or one at a time?

A: One at a time and in sequence. One practice will build onto the next and you will learn with confidence.


Q: Who teaches this kind of meditation?

A: This kind of meditation is Internationally taught from India to the western world. 


Q: What is the course structure?

A: Your training will follow a daily schedule consisting of Morning Mantras, Meditations, Yoga, then breakfast will be served followed by meditation philosophy then another break for lunch followed by the physical/metaphysical practice of sitting in meditation. The evenings will be left for dinner and free time. 

The daily schedule will begin at 6am and end at 7 pm. Saturdays will be half days and sunday you will be off!


Q: Who can learn, and how do I know if I am ready?

A: Meditation is a fundamental necessity for all human beings and even if it does not feel come naturally at first it is inevitable that we will all learn it! So everyone can learn, and should! This program is created for all to dive in and in the end leave with a foundation to begin or continue your practice! You may explore the first week (50 hours) and take it from there or stay for the full 100 hours and explore areas of your consciousness you may not be able to attain on your own. 

The advanced student will also benefit greatly from the amount of time dedicated to their practice and learning fundamental truths and philosophy necessary for advancement . 


Space is limited!

Hope to see you all in Samadhi! 


50hr Meditation Teacher Training

$575 (plus tax) 


50hr Zoom Option

500 (plus tax) 

* All deposits/payments are non-refundable after January 10, 2023


**To receive early bird pricing payment in full must be made by early bird cut-off dates


Please contact at, 203-502-5090 or through our "Let's Chat" button with any questions.

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