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Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


What do I wish for this course? I will quote the author of this book, Sogyal Rinpoche, as to what he hoped for in his book. “What is it I hope for from this book? To inspire a quiet revolution in the whole way we look at health and care for the dying, and the whole way we look at life and care for the living.” That's it! That is how I feel. I have worked my whole life to bring some light to what appears to be a dark and frightening subject; death and the process of it. We are so frightened that we do all we can to avoid its discussion, to run from it, turn away from it, but the funny part is that it is the only thing in our lives that is inevitable! Death will happen to each and every one of us! That is a fact! But is life inevitable? We should be more worried about the life we are living and our health rather than the inevitability of our death. Please join me on this most powerful journey into the process of death, life, and our rebirth. If you have experienced trauma over a death of a loved one, or fear your own, this course is for you. Berta 14 2-Hour Classes Valid for 28 Yoga Alliance CEU's Cost: $95 (plus tax)

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