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Nothing Ever Really Happens

Nothing Ever Really Happens

Here is something that I am privy to on a regular basis. You get all geared to start a “new” weight loss program that everyone has been talking about and you are determined to try and not throw in that proverbial hat until you have seen some results. So, off you go again on this next and final endeavor and you have a really good feeling about it, you are sure that you will not give up, no matter how slow the progress is, no matter if it is only one pound a month, that is still 12 pounds a year and that is still better than putting on 20! You will not be deterred! So, you get started and you’re off to a fine start, actually seeing some pretty good movement, a couple of pounds in the first week, nothing monumental but not bad! Then comes the weekend, and you hang in there like never before! You are the bomb and nothing will get in your way, not his time baby. In week two, it appears that things have slowed down just a little bit but still, there is some movement, feeling a little tired as the week goes on but reiterating to yourself that you were fine with 12 pounds a year just over a week ago and you're already down 3-1/2 pounds! Not bad so far, right? Isn’t that a decent amount to lose in a little over a week? Especially considering that your weight never drops no matter what you have done in the past!

But this time is different, this time you will succeed and you will continue to lose 3 – ½ pounds a week, who am I kidding that is awesome weight loss, right? So, the week continues, and then the weekend again, you are strong, you are woman and you rock. Your sister then calls and tells you that she is having a little party and that you need to be there cause she has invited this gorgeous guy that she knows you will just die for! Be sure to wear something sexy! What? Are you kidding me? This should make me happy, right? You are now down 4 ½ pounds and feeling pretty good about it, and your sister has Mr. Perfect waiting for you at her house tomorrow night, this is awesome, right? Right? Well, then why in the world are you flipping out? She must have told him that you are trying to lose weight, or perhaps he needs to lose weight.

You are now starting to lose it and on top of that, you are suddenly only able to think of anything but Pfish Food Ice Cream! You can’t believe that this is going to throw you; this is ridiculous, nothing happened. You don’t even have to go to your sister's “thing”, that’s right, don’t go so that your life can go back to being awesome and you can go back to losing weight and feeling really good about yourself. You call your sister and she is already waiting for the call. cause she knows you, and won’t hear a word of it. You look beautiful and of course, she understands how sensitive you are and he is a really nice guy and there will be other people there and yadda yadda, yadda.

Well, you never really had a chance anyway. So, into the closet you go, and after you have tried on every last thing you own and are not allowing yourself to breakdown, you decide that you just need to go shopping for something new. After about three to four more hours of standing in front of the most unforgiving lights and mirrors on this earth you have now truly ended up on the floor of the dressing room in a pile of discarded clothes with the last dress halfway off of you since it got stuck on the way down and now on the way back up and you can’t move because you heard something ripping and you can't ask for help, obviously so, well so you just collapse for a moment, gently slipping down to the ground, and lying on top of the pile of discarded non fitting items, and thank god you cant see yourself since your arms are stuck in an upward position in this dress, you then… cry.

Yes, unabashedly because you just have to, and you do until you finally have to stop since there is no longer any feeling running through your arms and your fingers are tingling. You then realize that your eyes are kind of stuck to the dress after your cry and you have probably left two huge stains and a few eyelashes on this lovely garment that is somehow affixed to your body in ungodly ways. You then basically rip the thing off knowing that you clearly now own the offending dress since there are pieces of it still affixed to your eyelashes. After you leave, and realize that you no longer feel, or know who you are, this stranger then drives herself straight to the supermarket. Ahhh, thank you. Phish Food!. All Night!

Then comes party time and you end up wearing your usual black slacks and black sweater that you have always worn with a colorful scarf and you have a lovely time. Now, since you have already binged and ruined everything what is the point of sticking with anything, right? Well, you aren’t going to pig out but you're not just eating the lettuce either. The evening was lovely and the morning comes and you get on the scale and guess what? You are up, 4 ½ pounds!

Here is the moral, and in this case there is a moral. If this slightly fictional woman hadn’t flipped out, she would have continued to lose weight and meet a nice guy and life would have been lovely. But, instead, she got pulled into the theatrics of weight loss and low self-esteem and although you may think this story an exaggeration, it actually wasn’t. Life goes on, with or without you. Nothing ever really happens, so don’t get pulled into your own personal drama, lighten up and if ever you are presented with the “what in the world do I wear” drama, always go with your tried and true, at least for those moments.

Don’t panic! & Just Lose It!

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