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The Loop

The Loop

Many of you may have a certain idea of what the path of weight loss should look like. What I mean is that when you think of how you will lose weight and you have a certain goal in mind, you also assume you know what you should expect, right? I mean we have all done this in the past and know that it should look something like this: If you weigh 150lbs. and you want to lose 30lbs., let's assume you are right on with your program with no cheating or excuses, and you get on the scale after the first week and you are down 2lbs. Well, that’s great, that’s what you expected and what should happen, right? Then the next week you do it again and voila! It happens again! Well, we know the rest of the story from here, 2 pounds a week till you get to your goal, right? Unfortunately, even if you are perfect and assume you are, it may “look” different. You may go down 2 lbs one week, and another 2 lbs the following week, and then maybe 1lb the next but then you get on and your up 3 lbs, then again down 1 then down another 1 then up 1, and so on and so forth. All the while, these numbers are going up and down and probably playing with your head and if you don’t pay attention to it you may just give up, again.

Here is the thing you may not know, there is a loop. That’s right, a loop. We all have it and we all live with it you just may not have been aware of it. This is how it works. Either way, if you are losing or maintaining your weight it still works the same way. We all have a loop, which is a 2 to 4-pound range that we all fluctuate within, all of us do. It's near impossible to be exactly the same weight every day, due to water retention, bloating, bowel movements, and the food we have just eaten. All of this will play around with our scale numbers, it’s the “loop”. So if you were maintaining say at 130, some days you would see 128, and some days you would see 130, and others you may see 132, that’s your loop. You can rest assured that if you see any of those numbers you are fine, not gaining and not losing just your loop numbers, that’s where you live. If you were to go over the 132 that’s when you would need to do something to pull it back in or if you were to go below the 128 you can relax about what you ate and let it come back up.

There is no difference when we are losing. The loop still exists. So if you are on your way down from that 150 mark you may see all kinds of numbers coming down and some fluctuating up, at first it may look like you have some lows of 146 then it may go back up but this time only to 149 then a low of 145 then back up to 148. See, it will loop up, so that at the end you are more down than up but so that you don’t get pulled too much into that number, the high number will be coming down and the low number as well but it’s the way that it looks that can be confusing. As long as that loop keeps coming down you are doing great.

Take a moment to look at your loop numbers, and keep working them as a group, not as an individual number, got it? Just keep losing it!

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