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We Are the Same

We Are the Same

Did you know what the average weight gain for most women a year is, this is what I have observed over the years here in my practice, between 10 and 15 pounds a year. It's true, that includes me too! Yep, you heard me right I said that includes me as well. But how is that possible some of you may be asking? I will tell you.

There really isn’t any difference between the two of us. I will gain about the same amount of weight that you do every year but the difference is a few things. The first is that after I have gained 2 or 3 and even 4 pounds I WILL lose them! No two bits about it. I will not let them fester. So when I go on vacation or have a long weekend or just felt like not taking care of myself for a few days or weeks, yes this happens to me too, then I will be up a few pounds above my highest “loop” number. That’s when the red flags and sirens will be going off, warning me that I am in severe danger of having a hard time getting back to my comfortable loop. Before you all go crazy and start saying that it's different for me because I am at my goal weight and who cares if I gain a few pounds? But, you should want to hear this, because this is important. Listen up and I will tell you something that may have confused some of you in the past.

For me, being at my goal weight and maintaining it means that when I go up in weight and I do and I will, about 15 pounds a year! Every single time I go up, I have to bring it back down because if I don’t then that two pounds turns to 4 and then to 8 and so on and then my week of a quick 2 to 3 pounds that I have to take back off is now 2 weeks or 4 weeks and this is where we start getting in trouble. The longer it takes to take this weight off the more of a chance that it won't be coming off because it's more than a few weeks. I know the obvious thought that is going on in your head, WHO CARES!! It's different for us because do have more than 2 pounds to take off. I know and am not being insensitive, keep reading.

OK, now this is your part. I always tell my clients and now will tell you, lose this weight as fast as you can then you can, I know another genius statement. It's getting to certain goals that will help you. For instance, what I believe is the downfall of most weight loss plans is that they never really get you to your goal weight, close to yes perhaps, but not all the way so that you are comfortable in your loop weight. So the difference between losing the first 4 pounds and the last 4 pounds is that the first 4 were more important to you than the last. But, the last 4 will play with your head more. If you are always just 4 pounds away from your goal or 10 pounds away from your goal then you are always mentally restricting yourself about what you should be eating and always feeling guilty and you never give yourself a break. Then when you go and gain the 2 to 3 pounds that we all do on vacations, then compound that with the 4 to 6 pounds that you still had to lose then we are talking now 6 to 10 pounds. It is now not just a week and it may not be two weeks or 3 and that’s what gets exhausting, the mental thought of it. No one will notice the 2 pounds but you, and mentally now you are that much further away from your goal and you are also tired. It will be harder to lose that 2 extra pounds mentally for you than for me because for me it is only 2 pounds.

The point is that I gain the same amount that you do, and here I am talking about the last few pounds when you may still have a long way to go. But I am telling you this so that you understand that it is all a head game, we are all the same. I could leave the 2 pounds on because who will notice or care but then it will be 4 and so on.
Get to your goals ladies as quickly as possible! Don’t play that game of always hovering around that ideal weight, take it and own it and never let it go. I will help you to get there and will talk you through it but first I want you to envision the whole trip and understand that it's the same journey for us all. I have done it and I know the game that comes along on this journey. I can only show you the way, the rest you have to do yourself but I can put down some bread crumbs (food pun) to show you what path to take and how not to get lost in your own head.

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