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Kitchari Cleanse

I love to start people on a kitchari diet.  You can take creative freedom with it as long as the basics are there and then change up the veggies.  I like to make a vat of it and have it for lunch and dinner or a variety of it when I am home and try to eat as close to it when out to dinner. I know this sounds restrictive but when you are feeling really well then it becomes easier to continue to eat,so you can continue to feel better every day.  Look below for a kitchari article and recipe.


I am sure that this is enough info and possibly too much all at once.  My suggestion is to start with the coffee/caffeine detox first and then do sugar/fruits.  Most important is to understand that many of the issues you are dealing with are reparable and you can gain control of your overall health.  One step at a time and education as to what has happened and how it can be controled and healed, for good. 




My Kitchari Face


There comes a time in my life when I just don't look and feel the way I imagine I do. You know what I mean, when you all of a sudden look in the mirror and realize that your mother is looking back at you. Not that looking like my mother is a bad thing. It's just that I wasn't expecting to look the same age as she is, just yet. What I am referring to has nothing to do with age by the way, it has to do with health and vitality. Every once and a while I find myself needing a little pick me up for my entire body, inside and out!  So whom do I call?  I call for some Kitchari to come to my rescue! 


It isn't uncommon that smack in the middle of these hot summer days you may start feeling the need to clean your act up a little. There may be just a little too much outdoor activities, parties, barbecues, nights out, dinners out, and not to mention vacation time!  Yes, we all deserve to have a good time and relax but that doesn't mean that you have to let go of all your good progress!  Unfortunately, it does happen to the best of us, as it has to me only recently.  When just a little too much over indulgences along with broken promises of reeling it in the following day become as normal as the hot humid weather that bloats and swells our hands and feet, well our whole bodies for that matter. 


So what does one do?  I can tell you what helps me, and something I recommend to everyone that may have a need to cleanse and de-tox!  Try a little Kitchari! 


Kitchari is an ancient ayurvedic cleanse to help detox your system and cleanse your digestive track.  It also has an amazing side effect of helping you drop weight like there is not tomorrow, if done properly.  Sound interesting?  I thought it might. 


There is a little trick to doing Kitchari, the first tricky part is to make it so that you enjoy eating it, I will give you some pointers.  And the second trick is to make enough of it so that you can eat it all week, if not longer.  I like to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as to eat it for as many weeks as I can.  Usually 2 to 3 weeks but you can start with one or even a few days if you like. 


Here is another thing that may come up for you, you may be wondering how you are going to manage eating the same thing for every meal and every day for a week!  It isn't actually that difficult, it makes thinking about what your going to be eating much easier, its there and ready to eat whenever you are.  So don't panic!  This is a good thing! 


Here are some pointers for a good Kitchari week:


1. If you can skip cooking for others during this period of time it makes life much easier and less tempting.  If you have to cook then try to choose meals that will not appeal to you.


2. If the idea of having Kitchari for breakfast is going to make you start to sweat, then skip it.  Try a whole grain cereal instead with some almond milk, or some chia seed pudding as well as some oatmeal. 


3. Try to drink a lot of water during the day as well as enjoy some ginger tea (you can put this on ice to help cool you off)


4. You don't have to skimp on your portion sizes!  I like to give myself a nice large portion, this is one meal you can "super size" without any guilt!


5. Choose vegetables that you like, I give you a few examples of what you can add but if you don't particular like one of them just take it out and add something you will enjoy.  This is your meal and you have to like it or you wont get past that first meal.


6. I like to add a little tabouli salad to my kitchari!  I honestly just buy the store bought kind, it is delicious and so very easy to add.  Although please feel free to make your own!


7. You can add some radishes as a snack during the day or between your meals if you are in need for something crunchy!

The difficult part of doing this type of cleanse is that it may play with your head a little.  Remember it is only for a few days and hopefully for a week. It will make you feel energized, clean, and very healthy!  It will also put you right back on track in case you have fallen off recently as well as keep you motivated to having a great rest of the Summer without those extra few pounds that most of us end up putting on! 


This is the perfect meal, the perfect time to have it, and brings out the perfect you! 


You can do this, Just Kitchari it!



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