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Hari Om Tat Sat

Have you heard this before? Certainly, if you have been to any of my classes over the years or if you have been reading some Hindu/Sanskrit books! But what does it mean? I thought I would break down this beautiful mantra for you!

This short combination of words can serve as a key to open the cage of delusion that keeps us trapped in the limited ideas we have about ourselves, others, and life itself. It lifts us out of a state of forgetfulness back into remembering who we are and why we are here in this material world as spiritual beings in a human incarnation.

OM TAT SAT can be translated as the Supreme Reality and can be chanted in this form. When the word Hari is added to this mantric formula it gives an extra spark to the individual to awaken to that which inhibits their physical form but goes beyond it. We realize we are not the form but Spirit experiencing form.

Om Tat Sat is a Hindu mantra. Om Tat Sat is the group of three mantras in Sanskrit found in verse 17.23 of the Bhagavad Gita. From verses 23 to 28, Lord Krishna discussed the meaning and importance of the mantra Om Tat Sat. He said that Om Tat Sat is actually a threefold name of the Supreme Soul with which, at the start of the universe, the Brahman, Vedas, and Yajna were made.

The actual words “Om Tat Sat” have been declared as symbolic representations of the Supreme Absolute Truth, from the beginning of creation. From them came the priests, scriptures, and sacrifice.

HARI - refers to the transcendental reality endowed with certain qualities and form but also to the power that can remove the bondage and suffering that can arise when one identifies with that form as defining who they are. More simply Hari means one who attracts or one who pulls you towards him.

OM - is the eternal sound-Pranava. Om is a symbolic representation of the impersonal aspect of God, the Supreme One. It refers to the formless Brahman and is the primordial sound that pervades creation.

TAT - means inexplicable almighty! Tath means inexplicable Brahm. One can say, supreme power. In Hindu philosophical texts, all mystics try to demystify tath (that, thou). We address him/her/it according to our spiritual upbringing.

It means that everything belongs to God, and by keeping that in mind, the people seeking liberation selflessly do their spiritual work without desire for any fruits of the actions.

SAT - means truth, Satya.

This word represents all the actions & duties which are performed with truthfulness and related to the eternal truth.

“Sat” means eternal existence and goodness. O Arjun, it is also used to describe an auspicious action. Being established in the performance of sacrifice, penance, and charity, is also described by the word “Sat.” And so any act for such purposes is named “Sat.” (17.26-17.27)GITA

HARI OM TAT SAT is a profound reminder that we are not merely this physical body living an earthly life. When chanting these four words we invoke their vibration that brings us into a frequency in which we feel and celebrate the sacredness of being beyond concept, instead it becomes your own direct experience, your own recognition of who you truly are.

This simple mantra is a remembrance, which can be chanted by all.

Practice it with devotion and love!

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