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Mothers of the Earth

“Om sarva mangala-mangalye shive-sarvartha-sadhike sharanye tryambake gauri Narayani namo’stu te”

“I salute the three-eyed Divine Mother, Narayani, who brings total auspiciousness and who fulfills the desire for liberation. Realization arises with her blessing. She is the world itself. Only through the experiences of life can the soul be perfected. Honor this gift, your life, bow to mother Nature.”

Your first teacher is said to be your mother, well that is what is said in the Hindu and Yogic Philosophy, the creation of our life is that guru.

We all have a specific and different relationship with our mothers. Generally, we have all experienced disagreements and misunderstandings with our mothers or parental figures as early as we can imagine, to the point that some of these conflicts may still not be resolved.

Our lessons come from many people and our teachers are vast, but our first teacher was our mother by birth as the Earth is our mother by creation.

I think that today it is not only valuable to acknowledge our mothers but also the power of creation as to be able to see that all life is valuable, not only human life but the life force that flows through and connects all living beings. In Hindu philosophy we refer to the planet as the Mother, Divine Mother, or Ma, she provides the air, food, and water we need to survive. It is curious to look at our relationship with Mother Earth and our relationship with our human Mothers. There are times when we will clash, times when we ignore her, and times when we do things that we know will upset her. All along the way, be it earth or maternal, we are undeniably linked to this source of life. In Hinduism, the Goddess has many incarnations, which explains the link between the role of the mother and the Divine Feminine or Shakti energy.

The love of a mother is unconditional. She will continue to love and support and try not to cause harm to her children, but this may happen only because life is hard and motherhood is as well. Knowing this she continues to nourish and support her children with all her heart.

This day, I would like all of us to honor our Mothers, not for what they have done and what they have not done but because of who they are, what they gave, and how they have loved you. To know that they have loved you as best they could, which is still more than they have loved any other being.

We often think of Mother's Day as a day that people, our children, will look at us and thank us for being us, for being mothers. But I look at this day differently, I look at it as a day to be proud of taking on a tremendous responsibility and rejoice in that we carried our children within us for 9 months, regardless of whether we wanted to or not, we did. That we cared for and nurtured our children when it was difficult as there were many of those days and nights, and when our children then grew up and left us without understanding what they were taking with them, our hearts. We stood proudly, lovingly and gratefully for the children that have grown and will continue to live their own lives and become parents and continue this great cycle. But today, we can rejoice that we as Mothers stand together with an understanding that no other will have.

I love havening been a mother, I love my children and I honor all other women before and after me that will do the same. That will walk into an agreement with very little understanding of what it will entail and we will slay it. Because we are Mothers.

As Mother Earth embraces all life because it is her nature we also embrace life because it has become our nature.

What is needed to change this sense of ownership that is occurring with the Divine Mother—and return to a place of harmony with our true creative aspect—is to accept, acknowledge and honor all life, all aspects of the Mother, in whatever form She takes, whether human or nonhuman animal, plant or spirit. The yogi strives for a mutually beneficial relationship with all of existence, with all those who share in the experience of living on this planet as well as throughout the entire universe. Honoring and respecting the power of the Mother, seeing Her as a living being—as a goddess—is to move away from separation and closer toward union with the source of our creation.

Jai Ma!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers of this Earth

Hari Om Tat Sat

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